one month together.forever.

One month ago today, Kate AnNing was given to us.  It always amazes me that one moment you don’t have a child, and then the next minute she is yours forever.  I guess it probably feels the same when you give birth to a baby, but it’s just so strange to be handed this child that you don’t know and suddenly go, “O.k. — you’re ours.”  Strange, but wonderful.

To say that we love Kate would be an understatement.  Sophia said it best a couple of weeks ago.  We were walking through the grocery store and Kate did something really sweet — I can’t even remember what it was.  But, Sophia looked at me and so sincerely said, “Mom, I love her so much.”  I said, “I know you do, Soph.”  Then she said, “No.  I mean, you know how much she loves me?  I love her so much more than that, and she doesn’t even know it.”  Wow!  She so gets it.  How blessed I feel that Sophia was able to participate in every moment of this adoption.  She understands the wait.  She understands the hurt that Kate feels.  Most of all though, she understands the unconditional love we feel.

It’s so hard to get a good picture of Kate right now because she just won’t cooperate.  I tried to snap a few pictures today. I didn’t think I got any good ones because she was too worried about Lucy at the end of the front porch.  But after looking over them, they really turned out kind of funny.  It’s the many faces of Kate! 🙂

The “I’m trying not to smile” face…

This is the “you can’t make me do this” face.

Keeping an eye on Lucy.  We wouldn’t want her to get too close!In Kate’s opinion, Lucy is a lot of fun when she’s playing with Sophie and Ella.  Not so much fun when she gets near her.

This is what I got when I asked her to smile.  So silly!

Starting to get upset…Lucy is inching closer.

Ella’s attempt to keep Lucy away from Kate…

An update on Miss Kate coming in the next few days!


5 thoughts on “one month together.forever.

  1. Michelle, Kate is so much fun! I loved hearing her laugh on Monday with Ella. I can’t wait to spoil her like the other two! 🙂

  2. Just read your entire blog… we are in the process of SN adoption with CCAI as well. Working on our homestudy and dossier stuff… I lOVED your blog. I am getting so excited now that I finished reading yours… I felt like I was with you over in China. Thanks for sharing your amazing journey. Your girls are gorgeous, you are very blessed. Jesus is AMAZING!!

    • Hi, Natalie! Congratulations on your upcoming adoption! CCAI is a wonderful agency! Excellent staff both in the US and China. You are in great hands! Good luck and God bless your family!

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