Sneak Peak – Pictures of Kate

I am dying to share pictures, but WordPress and I are fighting tonight. I don’t know why my pictures aren’t uploading like they normally do. Because I really need to be in bed instead of doing this, I’ve just added two. One is on the “Gotcha Day” post from Aug. 27. It’s literally minutes after meeting Kate. The second I put on “The Difference a Day Makes” post on Aug. 28. I just wanted to show you what she looks like when she’s not a crying mess. That’s one of the only smiles we got that day, and it was because she was playing with Bella June. I’ll add the rest when I get home. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Sneak Peak – Pictures of Kate

  1. I can’t see the pictures! Why can’t I see the pictures? I want to see the pictures! (can you hear me stopping my feet and throwing a fit?) I will try again later!
    Love to you guys!

  2. Freaking out bc I cant see them either!!! AH! Will try again as well. LOVE YOU ALL….get back to us safely!! Spent the day with Ella…she is doing so well but is so ready for you all to be home.

  3. What a sweet face she has! So happy for all of you! Safe travels and lots of rest when you get home.
    You are so blessed, can’t wait to meet her. Madelyn can’t wait to see Sophia!

  4. Ack…I don’t see any pictures. It’s obviously some obscure setting on my computer since others can see them. Ugh. Off to slueth.

  5. Found them…didn’t realize you placed the pictures in their respective posts. She *is* beautiful!!!!!!!!! Look forward to more when you find time to get them posted.

  6. Tim & Michelle- We can’t wait to meet Kate. It has been a joy reading your blog about your experience.
    Geoff,Kenda & Girls

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