Tuesday in Guangzhou

Good day today!  We started at the Guangzhou Zoo.  While we’ve heard awesome things about the Safari Park, Grace talked us out of it.  She explained that it’s a full day adventure at the Safari Park, and with the heat/humidity, she didn’t think our little ones would deal as well with it.  Good call on her part because I was done by midday.  The zoo was a lot of fun.  The animals were very active, so that always makes the zoo more fun.  The best part of the day was feeding the giraffes.  Sophie even got licked.  Yuck!

My joeys! Sure wish I had the third with me to stick in there! Miss you, Ella!

The girls with Ms. Kathy — She was so good to us!

This afternoon, we had family and group pictures here at the hotel.  It was fun to see all of the kids in their traditional Chinese outfits.  Kate was so proud to be wearing the same outfit as Sophia.  It was sweet.

Eleven CCAI families

Tonight, we headed over to The Garden Hotel to meet up with the Nichols family for dinner.  It was so nice to see them!  We’ve really missed them this week.  Bella June and Kate loved on each other big time.  It was so sweet to see.  The hard part was telling them good night.  Kate lost it. She did not want to leave Bella June.  At bedtime, she cried for Bella June and her foster mom hard.  It was the worst it has been in several days.  Even after she stopped crying, she laid in bed for a long time with her eyes open.  I could tell her wheels were turning.  I hate it for her.  Wish I could take the hurt and fear away.

Silly kids!

Loving on Bella June


2 thoughts on “Tuesday in Guangzhou

  1. Can’t wait to see pictures of Kate with Bella June! Although her recent visit with Bella June stirred up emotions for Kate, I can’t help but think that their visits are good for her, as strange as that sounds. Blessings, prayers and hugs from NY.

  2. But my dear friend you ARE taking the hurt and fear away…..she will no longer have to be in a temporary home – but you are giving her love, giving her security, stability and safety. Most importantly as you shared before – you are going to teach her biblical truths – and God willing she will come to walk in faith because of you, Tim, Sophia and sweet Ella.

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