Medical Clinic & Pearl River Cruise

Monday started off rough.  Kate threw up in the doorway of our hotel room as we were leaving to go to the medical clinic.  I so would not have gone if her TB skin test didn’t have to be read today.  So, ten other families waited while I got her changed into the third dress of the day – all before 9:30.  As soon as we walked into the clinic, she recognized it from Saturday and started screaming/crying/begging us not to make her be there.  I know she speaks Chinese, but believe me, it’s sometimes really easy to figure out what is being said.  I pulled Grace away from the families who were having visa photos taken and asked her to talk to Kate and explain that there would be no shots today.  As soon as she did, Kate calmed down. There are moments like this that I question why I didn’t take those Chinese language lessons more seriously.  I can’t explain simple stuff like this to my own child.  Frustrating, but I know we will get there.

When we had the TB skin test read, there were concerns with Kate’s, so we were told that we would have to have a chest x-ray. The doctor turned away from Kate and began to check Sophia’s arm.  You should have seen her face!  Priceless!  Grace explained that they had the wrong kid.  The next to be checked was a little boy in our group…not Sophia.

The x-ray went well. As soon as Kate was finished, we asked Grace when we could have results.  She said, “Oh.  They already told me she’s fine.”  I said, “O.k…well there’s 200 yuan down the drain.”  To which Grace replied, “No, 198.  Here is your change.”  We decided that rather than dwelling on the loss of the money, we’d just be glad that it costs so little (about 30 US dollars) to get an x-ray and that Kate got the all clear.

I had Kate rest this afternoon since she had had a rough morning while Sophie and Tim swam.  This evening, we went for a dinner cruise on the Pearl River.  The food wasn’t very good, but we did enjoy the cruise.  We saw The White Swan Hotel where we stayed in 2005.  It’s currently closed for renovations.  It kind of made me sad to see it so dark.  It didn’t look the same at all.  We also got to see the second highest tower in the world.  It’s new to Guangzhou and displays a really neat light show.

Kate got bored during the magic show and went to hang out with Grace.

I do have to tell you about the buffet dinner.  Grace warned us before getting off the bus that the Chinese fight their way through a buffet.  She said that even the old people push/shove.  She told us not to be intimidated and just push our way in there and get food too.  Oh my goodness!  Was she ever right!  They were nuts!  There was no line at all. When they said the buffet was open, people were climbing over each other and pushing.  They didn’t stay in line at all. They’d just go to a food that they wanted and push their way in. Sophie got into it with a little old man.  It reminded me of the Sophie I see on the soccer field.  She was NOT going to let him cut, and he was determined to do so.  I finally just said, “Soph, he’s going to wear you out until he gets his way.  Just let him in there.”  It killed her to give in.  When we were getting off the bus back at the hotel, the line was moving slowly because it was raining. She looked at me and said, “You better get out of my way.  I’m Chinese, and I’ll push you down!”  She’s a mess!


6 thoughts on “Medical Clinic & Pearl River Cruise

  1. Such funny cultural differences…even in the buffet line! I continue to enjoy your posts. Now off to read Sophie’s to see what her perspective has been. Blessings, hugs and prayers!

  2. Michelle,

    I’m glad things are going well….I remember our Pearl River Cruise but I don’t think we had a meal served( sounds as if that was a good thing!!) I am really enjoying your journey…Keep the posts coming!! Love you guys and can’t wait to meet your newest family member!!

    Kim & Avery

  3. Michelle, love reading your posts. Our trips may have been to a different country but reading about your experiences brings everything flooding back, even from our first adoption to get Maria 14 years ago.Looking forward to meeting Kate.

  4. We did the Pearl River cruise too and we did not enjoy it at all. There was some guy on a loud speaker that talked VERY loudly throughout the whole dinner. The food was not great either. HA!! Can’t wait to compare notes. See you when you get back.

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