Guangzhou City Tour

We had a busy Sunday.  Grace scheduled a city tour for us that included a Buddhist temple, a folk art museum, and an arts/crafts market.

I nearly had a meltdown at the temple.  It’s really mostly an outdoor sort of place with a few inner rooms.  It was so sad to me to see people burning incense and leaving fruit, money, and flowers at the feet of statues.  I had this lump in my throat the whole time we were there.  I was sad that these people don’t know Jesus and it pained me to be in a place like this.  I also couldn’t help but think of my children who will have the opportunity to hear the gospel in America.  It was Sunday, and I just wanted to be in my church worshiping God.  Tim turned to me to say something to the effect of, “What is going on here?!” and I just couldn’t hold back the tears.  While this was overall not a good experience, two good things came of it. Tim and I were able to relate this experience to Sophia regarding the need for world missionaries, and on a less serious note, we enjoyed the nine foot pagoda on the property.  It was really neat to see.

Our next stop was the Chan Family Home which has been converted to a folk art museum.  The four folk arts of China are embroidery, jade carvings, bone carvings, and porcelain.  We were able to see all four.  We visited this same museum when we adopted Sophia, so it was fun to go back again and to be able to say to her, “You did this when you were a baby!”  When we were there in 2005, I took a picture of Tim holding Sophia in front of a golden rooster statue.  I love that picture and joked with Sophia that she and Tim could recreate it today.  Well, the rooster is gone, but she wouldn’t let go of the idea of recreating the picture, so they posed in front of another statue.  I really think she was just looking for a reason for Tim to hold her! J  Once I can add pictures, I’ll put it on here.

This artwork is amazing. He creates pieces of art with scissors.

Peace out from Kate! She’s so funny!

Recreating the rooster picture (minus the rooster). Wow — She’s grown a lot in 7 1/2 years!

Our last stop was an arts/crafts market.   We enjoyed looking at all of the pretty things and watch a few artisans.

I never tire of watching this artwork created in China. This man uses only his own hands and ink/paint (no brush, pen, etc.) to create these paintings. You can see some finished products behind him.

Tonight we had dinner with six of the eleven families at a Chinese restaurant.  It was really good.  We wrapped up the day with a swim.  Even Kate got in the pool!  One more sign that we are making progress!

These two have amazing chopstick skills. I had to ask for a fork!

They just kept bringing food!

Right now we are sitting in bed.  She’s playing Legos while talking to herself in Chinese.  I can’t even tell you how sweet that little voice is speaking Chinese.  I am cherishing every moment of it because I know without daily practice, she won’t hold on to it. Makes me sad to think about.  It’s soooo sweet!


5 thoughts on “Guangzhou City Tour

  1. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.
    We went to a Buddist Temple in Vnam and it was as if you could you see the fires of hell. I watched an older lady up and down, up and down in worship! You know I don’t have to get off my rump to worship the one true God. Had to consider, am I willing? I am willing to worship Him like this lady does her god over and over, physically giving. We spoke prayers in the temple trying to be respectfut but looking at each of them and praying to the God of the universe for them.

    Your girls won’t know this life. I look forward to hearing all that God has in store for them and the blessings they will continue to be for you and Tim.

  2. Sharp family!!! I am SO excited to be able to communicate with you all. It just hit me last night that you would probably be updating your blog while on your trip. Just got caught up and LOVING hearing about your journey. Drenching you all in prayer as you finish up your time in China. So so grateful that Kate is yours and I look forward to your alls return home. Hoping to meet up with my sweet Ella this week and hear her side of this huge change. Tell Sophie I am going to follow her blog and that I can’t wait to read it! I will leave her a comment 🙂 Miss and love you all. Blessed to be apart of your girls lives. Will be religiously checking in for new posts.

  3. We can’t wait to meet Kate and see you guys
    I hope you know your being missed. I am continuing to lift y’all up in prayer, be safe and enjoy every minute.

  4. Thank you for sharing not only your journey but truth. on another note, the runners are counting down the days to meet Kate, can you just come home already!!!

  5. I hope all is well, missing you guys very much. We can’t wait to see you, Tim, Sophie, Ella and Kate. It is a blessing reading your blog keep posting!! We will see you soon. Love you guys

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