Ni Hao from Guangzhou

David with both families

Friday morning was quiet.  We had our last breakfast with the Nichols family and enjoyed the sweet staff at the Marriott Nanning.  They have been wonderful to us.  Sophie took a swim before we packed our things up.  David was at the hotel to get us at 3:00.  We went to pick up Kate’s passport and then headed to the airport.

Kate LOVES dragon fruit! The Nichols had one in their room and gave it to her. She was so happy!


Nichols and Sharp kids

The airport adventure last night was our most uncomfortable moment of the trip so far (well…it ranks up there with the squatty potty incident at the park).  To make a long story short, our flight was delayed 2 ½ hours, the air conditioning in the airport was not working, we had had no dinner and had to make a meal of strawberry Oreos, and we were considered a freak show.  Really…you’d think nobody had ever seen an adoptive family.  The fact that Sophia spoke English freaked them out too.  Oh well, we survived and were so happy to see Grace waiting for us as we exited the airport.  One funny thing about the flight delay – We assumed we were probably going to be delayed as it was time to board and our airplane wasn’t there.  Apparently we were the only ones who had come to that conclusion because when the announcement was made on the board above our gate, everyone stood up and moaned and groaned and acted shocked.  A group of 10-15 men gathered around the boarding desk and went off on the poor girl working the desk.  They yelled.  They screamed.  They banged their fists on the counter.  Bless her heart!  It went on for about 20 minutes and was insane.  I videotaped the end of it just because it was so shocking.  If that had happened in the US, security would have been called and they would have been removed from the airport.  I don’t know what they thought she could do about it.

We made a friend at the airport.  It was a seven year old boy.  He stayed with our two families the entire time – not sure where his family was.  He hung all over us, watched everything Sophie and JD did on their DS, practiced his English on us, etc.  At one point I said, “Where’s your baba?”  He said, “Father?”  I said, “Yes, where’s your father?”  He said, “Daddy?”  Oh my…it was just round and round with him.  It was evident that the people sitting around us thought he belonged to us.  Funny!

Kate wouldn’t let me do anything for her today. At the airport, she was 100% into Robin. Thankfully, Robin didn’t mind and is so sweet to Kate!

So we’re not with the Nichols family anymore. They are with their agency group in a different hotel.  We are so sad about that.  Before the girls separated yesterday, Robin had a bracelet that says “Special Sister” for Bella June to give Kate.  We ran into them at the medical clinic this morning.  Kate was so happy to see Bella June and showed off her bracelet.  Hopefully we can work it out to do some things with them this week.  They are about a 15 minute taxi ride from us.
The medical clinic was extremely crowded, but Grace was incredible at getting us through in record time.  Kate lost her mind there.  She was apparently scared of getting a shot.  It was a pretty easy exam except that she did have to have a TB skin test.  She was a mess over that.  We got back Monday to have it read.

So happy to run into our friends at the medical clinic!

Overall, Kate is doing much better.  She still has moments of grieving or seems stressed out (picks at her fingernails); but all in all, she’s doing well.  She is doing much more smiling and laughing, and she makes us laugh.  She is especially funny with Sophia as she talks nonstop to Soph in Chinese as if Sophia understands her.  It’s so sweet.  I told Tim today that that is going to stop eventually, and I’m going to miss it.

The rest of our day today consisted of napping, shopping, a trip to McDonald’s, and a visit to a park.  Another hot, humid day in the south of China.  Loving the man who invented air conditioning right now.

Hot day at the park


2 thoughts on “Ni Hao from Guangzhou

  1. It’s fun to read and remember the exact places of which you write. I can see them like it was just yesterday. Blessings, hugs and continued prayers from New York.

  2. I love the bottom pic of you and Kate. I have followed your blog the whole way through and really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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