Thursday in Nanning

We spent Thursday at a shopping mall and a park. We didn’t buy anything at the shopping mall. Styles are very different here, and clothing is as expensive or more expensive as in the US. We have really done no souvenir/gift shopping yet. That should come in Guangzhou.

After the mall, we met David to go over paperwork and check for errors. He then took us to a park within walking distance of the hotel. It was set around a large lake, and was really nice. The only problem was the H-E-A-T. I really can’t convey how stinkin’ hot it is here. Within minutes of being outside, we are all drenched in sweat. It’s disgusting. The kids (and David) played on the playground equipment for a bit, but it didn’t take us long to find a shade and buy some popsicles. They hit the spot! Our last adventure at the park was to purchase fish food. Now, this was a deal! Thirty US cents for a bag of fish food which turned out to be a huge hit. All four kids got a bag. They began throwing a few pellets at a time into the lake. Fish were swarming and fighting over the food. Then, all of a sudden, Kate got crazy and dumped her whole bag in. The fish went NUTS! They were leaping out of the water and fighting each other so badly for the food, we all got wet. She thought it was hilarious that she had caused such a ruckus. We were all cracking up!

Right before she got crazy and dumped her whole bag…

…and the fish literally out of the water fighting for the food!

We had lunch together at Pizza Hut. It was the smallest medium pizza I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s no wonder that the Chinese are so much smaller than we are. Sophia and I swam away the afternoon while Tim and Kate napped.

It was a very uneventful afternoon and evening. Friday should be pretty quiet too. We basically hang out at the hotel and swim until David gets us at 2:30. At that time, we go to pick up Kate’s passport and then fly to Guangzhou for our last piece of the puzzle.

We are missing Ella terribly, but she is doing fantastic. She had a great week at school and Matt/Kelli’s. She has helped on the farm, kept tabs on Lucy, and she ran her first race – a 1K. So proud of her!  Matt, Kelli, Lili, and Maia – We love you all and are so blessed to call you our friends! Thank you for loving on our girl and taking such good care of her!


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