More About Kate

We have spent the past 72 hours getting to know our girl. She is beautiful, smart, and so organized! I know that the organization thing is a strange thing to say about a three year old, but we knew it within minutes of her time in our hotel room. Then, on Tuesday when we saw the nannies again, they told David to tell us that she is organized. We had him tell them that we already had that figured out! Everything has its place. She loves to line things up and place things in her backpack. It’s very cute!

The smiles so far have been limited, but most of them come when she’s interacting with David and Bella June. I think she just misses having someone to talk to. David reminded us at lunch today that within a month, we will be communicating. Most of the rest of her smiles come when Sophia is playing or singing with her. We are so thankful that she is on this trip with us. She has been a huge help! The two other times she has smiled or laughed are when she was on the rides at the park and when Tim puts her on top of his shoulders. She thinks she’s big stuff up there!

She has a bit of attitude which is also funny. She is very good at ignoring us when we say her name – really just pretends she doesn’t hear when I know she does. And we have loved some of the things David has told us she has said. Today, while at another park, we bought popsicles. She sat down beside Bella June and said, “My popsicle is bigger than yours.” Then when Bella June’s popsicle started melting exposing the green beans in the middle (yes, green beans!), she looked at her and said, “Nasty!” I’m so glad we have David there to translate because it’s hilarious!

Can you see her fingers? This is the first time she held up the peace sign. I asked David why Chinese people always do that in pictures. He says it means they are happy. She was cracking us up doing it.

She is very independent also. As we left the hotel for the park yesterday, she headed out the front door without an adult. David called to her to stop, and she said to him, “I want to ride in a car!” She also fought with Bella June over crayons on Tuesday which was funny to watch. She likes to do things for herself. She has the full socks/braces/shoes routine down well. When she gets bored with the hotel room, she gets her shoes on as a signal to us that she’s ready to go somewhere. Last night, she was already in her pajamas, but put her shoes and a headband on and went to the door. Tim took her for a walk around the hotel, which seemed to satisfy her.

Her clubfoot really looks great. It’s evident that she received excellent medical care through An Orphan’s Wish/House of Love. We do, however, have some concerns about her left leg. I just finished a Skype session with the director of AOW, Kirsten. She was so helpful and offered us a lot of guidance in how to proceed once back home. Whatever is going on is effecting her walking/balance. I’m anxious to meet with an orthopedic doctor so that we can get her on the right track.
We are a week from heading home! Can’t wait for you all to meet our sweet girl!


8 thoughts on “More About Kate

  1. We are so enjoying reading your’s and Sophia’s blogs. I must say I was in tears reading the blog when you first took Kate with you. You handled that situation like a Pro Mom! I am so glad the last 2 days are going better. Sounds like Sophia is filling her role as big sister and doing an excellent job!
    Soon you’ll be home and adding 2 extra feet. God Bless all of you!
    Jamie and Madleyn Smith

  2. It sounds like things are going much better. She sounds like quite the character. She will fit right in with the girls keeping everyone in stitches.
    I remember you saying something about thinking her left foot may have been the one with club foot. When I saw the photos of her as an infant, I noticed the left leg too. I know you will do all you can to get her on the right track.
    Ella gave me hugs this morning. She seems to be doing great and is the same Ella.

  3. I bet it’s SO fun to find out what Kate is saying to everyone! Just learning her little personality must be incredibly interesting and exciting. My girls keep asking about you all….and they both included you in their dinner prayers without being reminded. 🙂 Janean

  4. Michelle, I am so happy for you guys!!! As for the mention of the incident of Sophie while in China….I remember it so well!!! Love you guys, Kim & Avery

  5. Love hearing your stories! Please keep them coming as you can. I laughed out loud about the green beans. Nasty is right. My neice Sarah was born with a club foot 12 years ago and she does great now with just inserts in her shoes. I know you will get her great physicians when you get home.

  6. What a difference a week will make. By the time you are ready to come home I am sure she will be in love with the three of you. Praying for her broken heart to mend quickly and that the Lord leads you through safe travels.

  7. We have loved reading your posts. You all have been and will continue to be in our prayers.
    Kate is a special and lucky little girl to have you all as her forever family:)
    Much love from us all!!

  8. Love reading more about Kate! So different from your other girls that she’s totally verbal, which helps her better express her personality. So grateful for this gift to your family – God is GOOD!! Hugs, prayers and blessings from NY.

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