We are here!

Our last picture as a family of four / Thursday morning before we left

It has been a long 24 hours, but we are here and settled in our hotel in Hong Kong.  Our trip was pretty uneventful besides Sophia’s security check in Lexington.  They had to run her backpack three times.  They removed her DS and BrainQuest before finally discovering a large bottle of handsanitizer in a hidden compartment.  This is her school backpack that was emptied and reloaded for China.  Apparently that school supply never made it to school and had to be trashed at the airport.

Once in Chicago, we quickly found Robin, Todd, and JD. They are Bella June’s new family.  She is Kate’s foster sister.  We will spend part of the trip with them, which I am very happy about.

Our flight from Chicago to Hong Kong was L-O-N-G (15+ hours), but we had our own TV screens with movies, TV, and video games.  My hand is sore from playing so much Pac Man — no joke.  Sophia did well besides a meltdown at 10 p.m. (only 1/3 of the way through the flight) at which time she repeatedly said, “I want off this plane now!”  We switched the TV to the under aircraft camera that showed her that if she chose to jump, she would be in the ocean.  Still wasn’t happy.  I suggested going to sleep as it was way past her bedtime.  She was out in about three minutes and slept for five hours.   All was well again when she woke up.  That little moment did make me thankful that Ella is not with us.

Our agency guide immediately found us at the airport.  He waved us down as if we were long lost friends.  I asked him later how he knew who we were.  He said that he matched up our ages and had noticed that Sophia’s middle name is Tao, so he knew we would have a Chinese girl with us.  Smart man!  🙂  He and the driver brought us to the hotel and helped us get checked in.  The room is tiny and so are the beds…two twins.  We are going to push them together for the three of us.

We are already amazed by the difference in Hong Kong and the rest of China.  Way different.  I’ll have to do a post on that later.  As our guide, Matthew, said, “We are civilized in Hong Kong.”

We have to meet Matthew along with two other families with our agency in the lobby at 8:30 a.m.  We are touring Hong Kong!  Should be fun!

Our world traveler — in her new glasses so that she can actually see the world! 🙂

Ella, we are so proud of you for being such a big girl while we are gone!   We love you!


6 thoughts on “We are here!

  1. Yeah, you all made it there safe and sound! Enjoy this new experience Sharp family! Love your glasses Sophia! Madelyn made you a poster but was sick and unable to get it to you before you left. She will enjoy reading your blogs.

  2. So glad you have arrived safely and without any problems! Love Soph’s glasses! Have fun! Looking forward to the next update! Love you guys!

  3. OK, I took that same flight from Chicago to Hong Kong and we did not have our own screens- a long and smelly flight! It was like flying in the 70s! Sista, you enjoy the Pac Man hand cramp! Glad that Miss S. was able to have her own screen so that she can have choices for something! Bless her heart!
    Prayers for you guys!

    • The trick is flying an Asian airline. 🙂 The American ones don’t offer those perks. We did that our first trip to China, and have decided we need the perks of the Asian airlines! That trip is too long to not have your own screen. Miss you! Thanks for following along!

  4. I have loved reading about your journey! So happy for you all 🙂 Cannot wait to meet Kate!! Love Sophie’s glasses!
    Safe travels and prayers to you.

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