The Amazing Race

Bags are packed — including this one!  We fly out this morning.  Thank you for your prayers!


6 thoughts on “The Amazing Race

  1. Hi Michelle– my name is Amy and I’m the Grace and Hope rep for Guilin. Both Grace and Hope and An Orphan’s Wish may have information for you and Kate about her care in Guilin– feel free to contact me via my blog if you want for more info.

    Have a safe and joyful trip! My daughter was also in the Guilin SWI and had wonderful care. We were lucky enough to visit in June, and it was a fantastic experience.

    –Amy a/k/a Moogacat

  2. I have laughed reading your blog, you guys are really funny. Also, I can’t imagine the bundle of nerves as you wait for Kate’s arrival, we are I prayer for all of you. What about Bella? Her adoptive family is there as well, that will be a good transition, I’ll be in prayer for that. That is unbelievable, it just shows Gods hand in every detail. Love you guys and miss you.

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