Our timeline

***  If you don’t care about the timeline (only those currently in process with a Chinese adoption probably care…), feel free to skip to the end of this post regarding when we might travel!

How we got to this point:

7.5.06:  Began paperchase

9.22.06: Dossier to China

10.12.06:  Log in Date

12.27.10 – 2.28.11:  Researched special needs adoptions

3.1.11:  Added our name to the “Waiting Child List” (special needs consideration)

3.22.12:  CCAI requested that we review He An Ning’s file

3.29.12:  Referral accepted

***  Delay in LOI due to change of adoption agency and a newly assigned LID.

5.10.12: New Log in Date (LID)

5.11.12:  Letter of Intent mailed

5.15.12:  Preapproval

6.6.12:  Letter of Acceptance

7.24.12:  Article 5

We are on our final step — currently awaiting Travel Approval (TA) by the CCCWA.  This typically comes 2 – 4 weeks after receiving Article 5; however, we know of a family traveling to the same province we are who recently received TA eight days after their Article 5.  Once TA comes, our agency will establish a timeline of travel for us based on appointments they set up for us in China.  Then, it’s just up to us to pack our bags and get plane tickets / hotel reservations!

So when might we travel?  Our best guess is late August / early September!  It’s getting close!


3 thoughts on “Our timeline

  1. I am reading this and crying like a baby! You are a beautiful person with a beautiful family! What an inspiration! Lots of love to you all! I will be reading so keep us updated!!:)

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