Foster Sisters Forever

Back in March, when we received Kate’s referral, we learned that she lives in a foster home that includes another little girl.  The report stated that Kate considers the other little girl her best friend.  When I requested an update on her, I asked how old the other little girl was and if she had been matched with a family.  When it was time to send Kate’s care package, I still didn’t know anything about the sister, but included a coloring book, crayons, and bubbles in the package with a note asking them to give these items to her sister.

Fast forward to July 1…I joined a Yahoo group for families who have adopted from this orphanage.  The people in the group have been very welcoming, and I’ve been lucky enough to “meet” a couple of families in process.  One family is adopting an 11 year old and one a six year old.  Robin, the mom of the six year old,  and I quickly realized that our timelines were almost identical.  How fun if we ended up in China at the same time!  We have been communicating through e-mail for about three weeks now.

Yesterday we received Kate’s update.  I finally got information about her foster sister.  She is six and matched with a family.  My first thought — Could it be that it’s Robin’s daughter, Bella June?!?!  I ran home and e-mailed this information and said, “Is it possible that Kate and Bella June are foster sisters?!”  Robin immediately forwarded me a picture she received of Bella June and her foster sister back in April and asked if it was Kate.  Guess what — It was Kate in the photo!

For the past three weeks I have been talking through e-mail with the new mom of my daughter’s foster sister and didn’t know it!  The girls have lived together since January 2010.  Robin and I spent about 45 minutes on the phone this morning comparing stories of how we got to this point, what the trip might look like, how we could hopefully stay in the same hotels to ease the transition for the girls, and how we’ll Skype once home to keep them in contact.  I am so excited to have connected with this family and that Robin is as eager as I am to maintain this sisterhood for Kate and Bella June that began 2 1/2 years ago.

Another red thread!


6 thoughts on “Foster Sisters Forever

  1. I got cold chills as I read this post, Michelle. How awesome that you can keep the girls connected in the US. You didn’t mentioned where Robin lives. Is it nearby? We are so excited that you and Tim will have your new daughter soon! The Unkers~

  2. I love this story Michelle. It brought happy tears to my eyes. We are hoping to meet up with the family that adopted the little boy in Leah’s room at the orphanage soon. We are trying to plan a trip to Disney in October. They live about an hour away from there. I am so excited. It is so neat for them to stay connected. Can’t wait to meet Kate.

  3. That gave me some serious cold chills—amazing story!! Only orchestrated by God–truly an incredible story, thanks for sharing!!

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