When we received our Letter of Acceptance (first week of June), we requested updated photos and measurements of Kate as well as submitted a list of questions we wanted answered.  We had never gotten a response, so Tuesday I asked the agency if they could try again.  Imagine my surprise to open my e-mail this afternoon to find this —

These are pictures of our girl taken just yesterday — her birthday!!!  No cake pictured, but at least I have pictures of her on her birthday!  And the best part — she’s wearing the clothes we sent in the birthday/care package — well, half the outfit.  Not sure why they put the tunic on without the leggings, but I’m not going to complain.  It made my heart happy to know that she had gotten our package which means she has seen our pictures labeled in Chinese. She knows I’m her new mom, that Tim is her new dad, and that the girls are her new jie jies (big sisters)!  Yea!

Sophia wanted to know why she has her arms sticking out.  I’m sure they told her, “Show off your new dress!”  🙂

She looked so different to me that I didn’t recognize her at first.  It looks like they are growing her bangs out, and her hair is pulled back.  Plus…she’s so much bigger!

They sent me new measurements, but I got a lot of questions answered just by looking at her.  That tunic is hitting her right where it should be, and it was a 3T, so that helps me know what to pack.

Other questions I asked which were answered included:

1)  What is she called?  They said “Mei Mei”.  This means “little sister” in Chinese.  She is the little sister in that home, so apparently they call her that rather than her name.  Funny, because we’ve been calling her that too!

2)  Does she know any English?  She has been exposed to some English.

3)  Can we meet her foster parents?  They said that we could not meet them the day of the adoption, but if we visited the orphanage in the future that they could meet us there. I’m wondering if “the future” means later that week or when she’s 15. ???

4)  How old is her foster sister and is she matched with a family?  They said she is six and matched with a family.  (More on this in the next post!!!  So excited to share this story!)

5)  When did she enter foster care?  January 2010

Other things I found out:

*  She likes rice, meat, vegetables…will eat most foods.

*  She has been learning to dance and sing.  Hmm…sounds interesting!

*  Her speech is normal.

*  She can name some colors.

*  Her health has been good.  Yea!

*  “She is active and outgoing, but sometimes she is a bit stubborn.”  Sounds like Sophia to me!!!

So, so thankful to get this update!


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