Happy Birthday, Kate!

Sophia and Ella became our daughters at 11 months old each.  While we missed some milestones, they were few and far between due to delays from being in an institution.  We saw each of them crawl for the first time, walk for the first time, celebrate their first birthday, etc.

I’ve been waiting so patiently to get Kate, but I have to admit that today was hard.  There’s something big about turning three.  I’ve officially missed her baby days, and that makes me sad.  Today is one of those days that I have felt sorry for myself that I’m missing important days in her life that I will never get back.

On a positive note, I realize we are now weeks rather than months from having our girl, and that’s a good feeling.  In honor of Kate’s special day, the girls sang “Happy Birthday”.  We are hoping that halfway across the world, she received her birthday/care package and saw our faces for the first time in a photo album included in the package.  We hope that she had a happy birthday and that this is the last milestone we miss.

Happy Birthday, Kate!


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