All About Kate

Things we know about our little sister:

*  Her name is He An Ning.  According to our reliable sources (the sweet staff at Hunan, our Chinese restaurant in town), her name is pronounced “Huh” “On” “Ning”.  In China, the first name listed is actually the last name.  We are not sure if she currently goes by An Ning or just Ning, but we have decided to combine them as AnNing for her middle name.

*  She was moved from the orphanage into foster care in either January or June 2010.  The paperwork is a little sketchy on that, but we know she’s been with this foster family for at least two years.  Her paperwork says she considers her foster sister her best friend.

*  Kate was born with a right club foot.  At three weeks old, it was put in a cast.  At six weeks old, she had a surgical procedure performed in which a tendon in the bottom of her foot was clipped.  She wore braces for awhile and received physical therapy.  She has required no further treatment and is able to walk, run, and climb without issue.  We have reason to believe from her paperwork that she may drag her heal some, but until we see her, we won’t know lasting issues from the club foot.

*  Kate is a part of a preschool run by her former orphanage and Half the Sky. Half the Sky is an American nonprofit agency that trains nannies and operates preschools in China that focus on nurturing babies/toddlers to promote brain development. We are so thankful that she’s been a part of this fabulous program.

*  Lastly, and my favorite, is the description of her personality.  It seems that she is a happy little girl.  Among the things mentioned in her report is that “she’s a star in the community — always saying hello to neighbors.”  Love it! When we received our referral, there were three pictures of her. Here are the other two.  She does look happy which comforts me while we wait to get her!

Once we received our Letter of Acceptance (about five weeks ago), we were able to ask for an update.  We haven’t received anything yet. I’d love to at least have an update on height/weight before traveling so that I can plan clothing.  Keeping my fingers crossed.


3 thoughts on “All About Kate

  1. Yay! Finally got up to speed on how you came to Kate’s file. So excited to follow and pray for you all in this journey. I love Kate’s smiles and look forward to reading about her coming home with her Forever Family soon. Blessings and prayers.

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