Our New Love

It is with joyful hearts that we announce the referral of our daughter…

Chinese Name:  He, An Ning

New Name:  Kathryn AnNing Sharp (Kate)

Date of birth:  July 18, 2009

Place of birth:  Guilin City, Guangxi Province, China

“An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.”         Ancient Chinese Proverb

Please join us for this journey as we become a family of five!


26 thoughts on “Our New Love

  1. What a precious addition to your family!! So excited for you as Don and I wait for our referral.

  2. I am so happy for all of you, safe travels in picking up your beautiful new daughter–I look foward to meeting Kate soon.

  3. Congratulations! Another precious girl!
    Sherry Slinker (accompanied my sister, Terry Steele, and Julian to China when they got Jenna and you all got Sophia!)

  4. Hi, I am Terry Steele’s friend. Our Molly is from Guangxi, too. She is from Jingxi, a city right on the Vietnam border. Molly was in foster care, too. We tease that we don’t think her feet ever touched the ground. She was spoiled, for sure, and sent to us with her “favorite food” freshly prepared and piping hot. The flip side is that Molly had a time of grieving for her former life that our older daughter, who had lived in an orphanage, never seemed to go through. Molly did bond with us in China, but she seemed to like us lots more as soon as we returned home and she met her two sisters . . . Congratulations! Katie is beautiful. Praying for safe travels, quick bonding, and a happy family of 5!

    • Hi, Rene! It’s nice to hear from you and glad that Terry passed our blog on to you. We are very nervous about her acceptance of us after having a foster family that she loves. Our eight year old, Sophia, is traveling with us so we are hoping that she helps with the transition. It’s good to know that there is someone reading the blog who has been through what we are getting ready to encounter. Feel free to pass on advice! It will be appreciated! Thanks again for stopping by! Michelle

  5. Hey Sharp Family, we are so very excited for you all! We will be praying for your family. I have to share that as Christeen walked by as I was admiring your beautiful Kate and said “hey is that a picture of me”….. kids are so funny! So very excited to follow your adventures and again, sorry not to be traveling with you all for the first babysitting service as in 2005:) Colleen, Chris and Christeen

    • How fun would that be to have you all with us?!?!? Oh my goodness! One day our ’05 travel group should go back together. That would be so memorable for the girls! Everyone start saving! 🙂 Miss you, Florences!

  6. I am a friend of Beth, this is wonderful news for your family. God bless you in you travel to get your new addition to your family. She is beautiful!

  7. What a great story! So glad your family will be completed with Katie. I know you’ll have great peace from following God’s plan instead of your own. May He continue to bless you all!

  8. I am with Ella! “I’m so excited!” So happy for you all. She is beautiful just like the rest of the family!!! Congratulations to you all!!!!

  9. Congratulations Sharp family. It’s such a beautiful story, with much more to come! I’ll be praying for you..

    Ps. I’m so excited to give Ms. Katie swimming lessons (:

  10. So, so very excited for your family! Our God is an awesome God and I love how exquisitely He has woven your beautiful family together!

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